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1. Tournament Director - Dwight Keall: 705-492-0077

All decisions of the tournament directors are final and may not be protested. At any time the tournament director, may impose a penalty without refund when he deems appropriate for any violation of the rules, procedures or sportsmanship code. Penalties for rule violations may include but are not limited to the following:

• Disqualification from the Tournament.

• Disqualification for a specific period of time or a life time expulsion.



• At the Classic, only the top 25 boats (based on day 1 weights) will be eligible to fish day 2.

*All Classic participants will still qualify for the draw prizes


3. Tournament Hours Qualifying Tournaments and both days of the Classic will be from 8:00am to 4:00pm.

4. Late Penalty You will be charged a penalty of .50lbs (1/2 pound) per minute that you are late.

5. Boat Inspection The tournament director may request a boat inspection at any time.


6. Eligible Species Only large mouth and small mouth bass greater than 12” inches in length (tip of tail to tip of nose) are eligible. A maximum of 5 fish may be weighed in. Weighing in a bass less than 12 inches will result in a .50lb (1/2 pound) penalty, additionally the short fish will not count. No other species may be retained during tournament hours. Dead fish will count with a .50lb (1/2 pound) penalty per dead fish.


7. Culling Only five (5) fish of the eligible species are permitted in the live-wells while under power of the main engine. CULL BEFORE YOU MOVE 8.Re-Weigh Each team is allowed one (1) re-weigh. The team must keep the (2nd ) second weight regardless of the result.


9.Big Fish Only one (1) fish may be allowed to weigh in. This fish will be weighed first, therefore a culling tag can remain on for identification. *A dead fish will not qualify for big fish.


10. Live well & Fish Care All boats must have an operational live well. Culling tags and scales must only be non-invasive clip type (i.e.: non-piercing)


11. Transfers Fish may be transferred to another competitor’s boat as a result of a mechanical failure of a vessel, provided that one member of the downed vessel stays with the fish and provided that the boat has its live wells separated. A call to the tournament director is mandatory in this circumstance. Late penalties will apply to this situation.


12. Pre-Fish Competitors must be off the water by 5 pm the night prior to the tournament.


13. Insurance All boats must carry a minimum $2,000,000.00 insurance liability. Proof of insurance must be presented before fishing the Tournament.


14. Eligibility Two (2) anglers per boat, with the operator having a valid Boaters Card. Both anglers must have a current Province of Ontario fishing license, one being a sport license.


15. Only Artificial Lures & Rods No live bait. Scent or pork rind may be used. Only one rod per angler may be used, having a bait in the water close to the boat after a cast and making a cast with another rod is a violation of this rule (All baits not in use must be on the deck of the boat).


16. Scrutineers For any tournament, the Tournament Director may assign any team a scrutineer. Seating for the scrutineer must be provided, refusal to accommodate this request may result in immediate disqualification.


17. Kill Switch All boats must have a working kill switch which must be attached to the driver when the outboard is in gear at any speed.


18. Life Jackets All anglers must wear a personal floatation device (PFD) or life jacket at all times while under power of the internal combustion engine during tournament hours. Please note that a self-inflating PFD does not qualify as an approved floatation device unless it is worn. Therefore anglers are cautioned to have at least 2 conventional PFD’s or life jackets on board if they wish to remove their inflatable PFD while fishing.


19. Sportsmanship All contestants are required to follow high standards of sportsmanship, courtesy and conversation. Any violation of the sportsmanship code during practice, or tournament may result in a temporary suspension or expulsion from all future events. Examples of conduct not complying with those standards include, but are not limited to the following:

• Failure to comply with any of the rules, regulations, guidelines and procedures.

• The use and or possession of illegal drugs or the consumption of alcoholic beverages or marijuana.

• Failure to comply with municipal, provincial and federal laws and regulations.

• Following/Fishing too close, or any interference to another angler’s day of fishing, including pre-fishing.

• Abuse of tournament Officials, Sponsors or Volunteers, this includes social media or any other form of communication.


20. Boundaries There are no boundaries. **Exceptions:

• No fishing inside the slow zone (9km) on the Sturgeon river at any time of the tournaments, including after passing the check in boat at the end of the day.

• No Fishing inside Hunters Bay Marina.

• No Fishing inside Bear Creek Bay (See Map Below)


21. Weigh-In Procedure

• Weigh in bags will be provided and must be used.

• Anglers can weigh in any time after 3pm on both days.



• To qualify the angler must have paid and fished three (3) of the qualifying tournaments.

• Paid the membership fee of $50.00 before September 1st 2024.

• The entry fee per team is $300.00

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